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Camellia Flower Claw Clip in Pink Shades

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This season's must-have accessory, the Camellia Hair Claw Clip effortlessly combines fashion and functionality. The claw clip at the base ensures a secure hold, keeping your hair effortlessly in place while making a bold statement. The vibrant hues of the flower add a touch of romance and sophistication to any hairstyle, making it the perfect accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

  • Handmade flower from polyester fabric
  • Acrylic hair claw clip
  • Large size: 11cm diameter flower / 10,5cm clip
  • Small size: 8,5cm diameter flower / 8,5cm clip

🌹 The large camellia clip works well for medium-length/long, thick or voluminous hair. The large clip underneath provides the strength and capacity needed to gather and hold a substantial amount of hair securely.
🌹 The small camellia clip works well for various hair types. It can be used for updos on long thin hair or short/medium-length thick hair. It is also excellent for creating half-up styles on all hair types.


To ensure you keep your hair claw in excellent condition we recommend to securely store it when you are not wearing it and clean it regularly with lukewarm water and gentle soap to remove hair oils and dirt.


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